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Chartered Horticlturist: What’s that?

Chartered Horticlturist: What’s that?

We have all heard of a Chartered Accountant or a Chartered Surveyor and we know how professional the...


World Horticultural Expo Sells 1,174,623 Tickets

Exactly in the middle of the Floriade 2012 the organisation mentioned that 1,174,623 tickets have been sold already. Ad Berends mentioned on twitter that during the first half of the Floriade 609,512 visitors visited the House of Taste.

On Friday 6 July at 3 pm. exactly in the middle of the Floriade, a ticket was bought by the family Steines from the German town of Hürth. The family was taken by surprise by the organisation of the Floriade 2012 with a cheque for 500 Euro for a stay in one of the parks of Center Parcs, partner of the Floriade. The Floriade is very proud, that now exactly at the middle of the period of opening this number of tickets sold has already been reached, whilst only a few days into high season.

World Horticultural Expo

Financial director Bert Stek with a delegation of the Floriade personnel.

Paul Beck, general director Floriade 2012:

“This is a more than excellent result which we, with a very good feeling and full of confidence, enter the summer period. The conclusion is that we, despite the bad weather at the beginning of the season, have scored very well. The Floriade is a very popular event both in the Netherlands and abroad. We notice this because of all the positive publicity and the eagerness of tour operators to include the Floriade in their travel programs, even more than we expected. The months of July and August are very important to us. Whilst during the first three months many group trips were directed towards the Floriade now the individual visitors must come. The weather in the next three months must really cooperate with us."

At the same time we can mention that the appreciation figures for the Floriade of the visitors remain high. The personnel are being rated a 9, the general visit 8.5.

Nico Koomen, chairman Dutch Horticultural Council:

"The Dutch Horticultural Council sees in Venlo a world expo in style, which from start to finish fascinates the visitor, who often say they want to come back a second and sometimes even a third time. That is in the first place what it is all about. The message of the agricultural value to the quality of life is extremely well put over and the position of the Dutch horticulture in the international playing field is put over in a high quality perception. The quality and the radiation of the Floriade in Venlo is a stepping stone for four candidates, each of whom supplied a bid competing for the Floriade 2022. At the close of the Floriade in Venlo on 7 October it will be known where the next Floriade will be organised."

The Floriade is the official World Horticultural Expo in Venlo. On April 4th the Dutch Queen Beatrix opened the Floriade, which will remain open till 7 October.

Source: Fresh Plaza - World Horticultural Expo Sells 1,174,623 Tickets