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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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Bord Bia "Best in Season" Promotional Campaign


Best in SeasonBord Bia

Irish Rugby Star Tommy Bowe Encourages Irish Consumers to Eat Fresh Fruit & Veg

Bord Bia research highlights that Irish consumers are buying more fresh fruit and vegetables Irish consumers are purchasing more fresh fruit and vegetables in their weekly shop compared to three years ago according to research from Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. In 2010, four out of five (80%) of fruit types bought by Irish shoppers were fresh while 70% of all vegetable types purchased were fresh produce.

Bord Bia’s “Best in Season” fresh produce promotional campaign aims to highlight to consumers what fruit and vegetables are in season. The Bord Bia Best In Season website helps consumers identify when certain fruit and vegetable are in season and so at their most nutritious. This year www.bestinseason.ie will feature guest blog posts from one of Ireland’s top rugby stars, Tommy Bowe who will share some of his tips for introducing fresh fruit and vegetables into everyday meals.

Consumers also indicated that as well as increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables purchased they have also increased their daily intake of fresh produce. 48% of consumers claim to be eating fresh vegetables and 43% eating fresh fruit on a daily basis.

Of those eating more fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis 70% claim they do so for health benefits as consumers continue to realise how healthy and nutritional fresh produce really is. Fruit and vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fibre, antioxidants and have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Mike Neary, Horticulture Manager, Bord Bia said “Fruit and vegetables are naturally low in fat, lower in calories and contain lots of water which can help people maintain a healthy balanced diet. The recent national health nutrition survey showed that while the majority of the population are consuming fruit and vegetables the intake levels are below the recommended levels. A better understanding of the health benefits and indeed the convenience or versatility of fruit and veg will lead to increased consumption and sales of fresh produce.”

The retail fresh produce market in Ireland to December 2010 was worth €1.18 billion driven by high household penetration for the fresh produce category. While the recognized health benefits of fresh produce is a motivator for purchasing fresh produce, consumers also believe fruit and vegetables represent good value for money.

As with all fruit and vegetables, they taste their best and are at their most nutritious when they are in season, and Bord Bia’s Best in Season website www.bestinseason.ie tells you when is the best time of year to be able to purchase fresh and tasty produce.

For further information, go on to www.bestinseason.ie