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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


Bloom 2017 Medium Garden - On Cloud CaNine

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On Cloud CaNine

Every garden can be a dog-friendly garden, says Dogs Trust which is campaigning to make Ireland the best country in the world to be a dog. Built by Bloom award-winning designer Brian Burke, ‘On Cloud CaNine’, Dogs Trust’s dog-friendly garden showcases a host of simple, innovative ideas designed to provide fun and stimulation for dogs while maintaining the garden as a safe, relaxing place for the whole family.

On-Cloud-CaNine-3 On-Cloud-CaNine-4

The beauty and expertise of this garden lie in the simplicity with which the dog-friendly elements are included. With water features, sniffer paths, different textures, tunnels, climbing and digging areas, the garden is a paradise for all family members, whether two or four-legged! It also features a vegetable garden and a broad range of traditional and lesser known dog-friendly plants and herbs. After showcasing at Bloom, the garden will be reinstated at Dogs Trust’s rehoming center to be explored and enjoyed by the canine residents who are currently waiting for their forever homes.

Brian Burke.


Award-winning designer Brian Burke is no stranger to Bloom in the Park. In 2016 he won a Silver Medal with ‘GOAL’s Damascus Courtyard – War and Peace’, and the Silver-Gilt Medal in 2015 for his garden ‘Non Forsit’. He was the winner of RTÉ Super Garden in 2015. Based in County Laois, Brian shares his own garden with his wife Julia, their five children, a donkey, two pigs, four chickens and two dogs so the idea of creating a dog-friendly garden resonated with him: ‘I love the idea that any garden can include simple ideas for fun and stimulation for dogs while still being a safe and enriching environment for the whole family. Dogs Trust is launching a campaign to make Ireland the best country in the world to be a dog; this is a great way to show how we can all help towards this goal.’(View profile)

Source: Bloom 2017 Medium Garden - On Cloud CaNine