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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

It is now clear that the British people have made the choice to leave the European Union. The countr...


CleanGrow Demo

Company Overview
CleanGrow was founded in 2009 to make the measurement of ion concentration in liquids easier. With that goal in mind we went about finding, developing and now commercializing sensors that will allow us to completely change how ions are measured and in what situations sensors can be used. The fundamental "technology" innovation is our use of carbon nanotubes as the transducing layer in the sensor. This has never been done before. This technology breakthrough opened the door to testing for multiple ions in a single device. Through the development of our meter we have enabled instant feedback to a user.

One of the most interesting aspects of the technology is the new areas of testing and measurement that our sensors and meter has opened up. We're very excited by our early users leveraging the capabilities of our sensors to open new fields of measurement and control.

If you're interested in joining the dynamic, successful team at CleanGrow we'd love to hear from you. Please submit your resume to careers@cleangrow.com

Our Current Locations

No. 4 Euro Business Park, Little Island, Cork, Ireland
Phone +353 (21) 4232000

795 Folsom Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94107, USA
Phone +1 (415) 848 2301