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Tayto Park - Major Irish Landscaping Project

Tayto Park is designed to be a beautiful landscape covering a large tract of land into which is set a magnificent Log Lodge, rare animal displays, unique kids play areas, a tree-house, rope bridges, climbing towers, zip wires, kilometers of meandering walkways, lakes, fountains and ornamental planting.


Tayto Park is set to become one of Irelands most exciting day-out locations for all the family. Having designed the landscape from scratch,the entire site was re-sculpted and shaped though a combination of detailed drawings and on–site guidance. The construction of the park took over four years to complete. Opened in 2011 season it will gracefully mature over time.


To see the end result we would encourage anyone interested in beautiful landscapes and a relaxing day out to visit the park itself. Please go to www.taytocrisps.ie/park for a detailed site map, images and booking information.

Source: hayesryan - Tayto Park