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A New Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Peat and Plastic Seedling Pots from BecauseWeCare

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An innovative new range of compostable and biodegradable products is being launched into the gardening sector in Ireland and the UK. ‘Because We Care’ is a new brand which is bringing its range of environmentally friendly products to the market for Spring 2012.

The first product that ‘Because We Care’ is introducing to the gardening sector is its range of compostable seedling pots. Designed to be an environmentally friendly alternative to both peat and plastic pots, these pots are made from cornstarch derived from waste third grade corn not suitable for animal or human consumption.

The benefit of using this renewable material is that the pots will biodegrade into the soil once planted with the seedling, releasing nutrients as they do so, but have the advantages of plastic pots

in that they will not absorb water themselves, retaining the soils moisture. The pots will only start to biodegrade fully once planted in the soil.

The pots are available in two sizes, 3 inch and 4 inch, and are in retail packs of 25. Uniquely the retail packaging is also compostable.

  • For retailers this new product offers several advantages: A genuinely new product that will be backed up with advertising in ‘The Irish Garden’ magazine and the ‘ Grow It Yourself’ Magazine.
  • The pots will be promoted through traditional media sources aswell as social media with the aim for this to be linked back to our stockists.
  • www.becausewecare.ie will be used to promote our stockists
  • Presence at Bloom 2012, again with promotion of our stockists paramount.
  • Environmentally friendly, both pots and the packaging is compostable, a unique selling point.
  • The pot packaging is both small in size and light in weight, thereby minimising valuable shelf space. Outers/cartons contain 40 packets of 3 inch and 36 of the 4 inch.
  • Colourful point of sale dumper box displays available, ideal to complement seed stand displays in store.
  • Affordable retail pricing allowing the customer to make the environmentally friendly choice with no cost disadvantage.
  • Wholesale pricing includes delivery to store.

Tim Wells, the Irish and UK distributor for ‘Because We Care’ says, “ We have had great interest from retailers for our innovative new range environmentally friendly pots, and we will be helping our retailers by promoting the ‘Because We Care’ range”. He adds, “ Now keen gardeners can plant out their seedlings in a way that does not hurt the back pocket or the environment.”