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New Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff will Benefit Farmers and Forestry Owner

A significant number of farmers and forestry owners will benefit from the introduction shortly of a new Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (REFIT) to encourage the generation of electricity from biomass sources. The Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources will seek approval from the Government within a couple of weeks to formally open the scheme.

The REFIT 3 scheme will provide a guaranteed price for fifteen years of between 8.5 cent and 15 cent per kilowatt hour for electricity generated form renewable energy sources and exported into the national grid.

Minister of State McEntee said “I have talked to quite a number of farmers throughout the country who have been waiting on the introduction of a new REFIT scheme before getting into electricity generation from renewable sources.  Since I took up my job as Minister of State I have been pushing hard for this.

The scheme will allow farmers to generate a new income stream or to cut their costs through building Combined Heat and Power plants or anaerobic digestion units, for example, in dairy enterprises.  It will also increase the demand and therefore the price of wood thinning for farmers who are involved in forestry and will give a boost to the production of energy crop.”

Source: Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine - New Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff will Benefit Farmers and Forestry Owner