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New Year Brings New Flower Trends


As 2012 gets going, the predicted trends for everything from stocks to fashion to gardening are cropping up. While certain flower trends are expected to influence our gardens, mantels and dining room tables this year, one of the most important trends for many young women and men to watch is the trends of bridal flowers.

According to The Washington Post, bridal bouquets are taking several different turns this year. A just-plucked look seems to be in style, with plants such as hostas and other greens used to accent a classic bouquet of lilies, daisies and roses.

Another bridal trend is a bedazzled bouquet, the news source reports. This trend proves that gemstones are not just for jewelry anymore, and bouquets are not just for flowers. Whether using vintage jewelry or other forms of gems, many brides will accent their bouquets with sparkly stones this year.

Some florists are even using flowers as a structural element at weddings this year. There is a growing desire to include pets in ceremonies and receptions, igniting a trend of creating animal sculptures of flowers. Dog shapes made of roses or other blooms may grace reception tables at this year's weddings.

Source: Teleflora - New Year Brings New Flower Trends