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Keelings Able to Make a Few Interesting Deals in Tacler


Mathieu Leveque of Keelings learnt about tacler through a friend who told him that the platform had started some months ago. Mathieu registered for the website soon after. “I visit the website nearly every day now. It is always good to know what is available on the market, and this is mostly the main reason for me going into it.”

Yet the benefits of the website aren’t limited to market information only. “The site seems complicated at the beginning as you are facing people that you do not know, and in this business it is quite unusual. But we have been able to make a few interesting deals”.

Comparing the business media that is tacler with social media such as facebook and twitter, Mathieu concludes that tacler is more personal than the social media. The business setting has brought different people from Keelings to tacler. “The reason for this is that we have multiple branches around Europe. So in tacler we are represented with at least one person from every branch around Europe (UK and EU)”.

Mathieu has a positive opinion about the moderating role of tacler staff in the platform. “It is a good thing that tacler staff filter what are unnecessary comments. It saves us a lot of poor readings”.

Source: Fresh Plaza - Keelings Able to Make a Few Interesting Deals in Tacler