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Turf, Wind and Fire Sculpture Launched in Lough Boora Parklands


As part of the 2011 “Year of Craft”, members of Offaly Crafty decided to erect a sculpture in Lough Boora Parkland with the help of Bord na Móna staff. Following on from their recent success with the sculpture “Continuance” recently hosted by Offaly County Council, and then the Offaly Crafty Pop-up shop in Tullamore, the members of Offaly Crafty decided to end the year with a bang!

Lough Boora Parklands is known for its internationally acclaimed sculpture park. This time, instead of an international artist, the concept and creation all came from a little closer to home.

The three artists involved were:

  • Ross Hathaway of Metal Mayhem, based in Kilcormac www.metalmayhem.biz
  • Paul Coyne of Nine Design, based in Tullamore www.paul-coyne.com
  • Rosemarie Langtry of Pebblestone Studios, based in Ballinahown www.pebblestonestudio.com

The Turf, Wind and Fire concept

The concept was born after lengthy discussions between the artists. All were in agreement that a dynamic sculpture was the way forward, breathing life into the soul of static materials. The sculpture should interact with the forces of nature but would still remain sympathetic to its surroundings and pay homage to the heritage of the land.

Once a site was agreed upon ~ a small island in the middle of Loch an Dochais (adjacent to Loch Boora), a plan was hatched.

Due to the proximity of Bord na Móna works at Boora, we felt it key that in some way the piece should reflect the recent industry that has thrived in this area over the past few decades giving employment to hundreds of local workers and give perhaps a hint of how the future may evolve with sustainable clean energy sources.

For all three artists it was important to leave as little environmental impact as possible. Recycled materials were sourced from friends, family and donated by Bord na Móna. All were gratefully received!

The sculpture incorporates industrial and organic materials blending together to create a symbolic beacon.On a breezy day the “flames” become alive, dancing and reflecting light as they spin. Copper has been used with the intention that over time it will produce a green patina symbolic of Bord na Móna’s progression into sustainable energy sources.

The materials in the base of the fire are representative of those used throughout the ages in mans quest for heat sources.Branches, logs, turf and briquettes symbolised by steel pipes and Bog Oak

The centrepiece of Bog Oak sculpture, pointing towards the sky brings us full cycle, a resource from the past reaching out into a bright future.

Source: bordnamona - Turf, Wind and Fire Sculpture Launched in Lough Boora Parklands