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Tougher Controls on Nuisance Trees and Hedges

Dublin City Council is seeking the introduction of new legislation to tackle the nuisance caused by the lack of control over trees and hedges.

While trees and hedges while can be an attractive addition to many gardens and green spaces, they can seriously affect peoples lives by depriving homes of sunlight and daylight, dropping leaves and sap and can also be a threat to nearby properties.

The Economic Development, Planning & International Affairs Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) of Dublin City Council has examined this issue and has found that Local Authorities do not have sufficient powers to tackle the problem. The introduction of new legislation is required.

”The lack of control over trees and hedges is a huge problem and can affect the foundations of neighbouring houses, but there is no specific legislation to tackle it effectively” said Councillor Mary Freehill, Chairperson of the Economic Development, Planning & International Affairs Strategic Policy Committee.

The SPC invited the party whips of Seanad Éireann to a special meeting to discuss the enactment of legislation. Senator Ivana Bacik, Deputy Leader of Seanad Éireann attended the meeting and agreed to add her support, she stated that “I am committed to work with Dublin City Council to resolve the issue with overgrown trees and hedges, and I am delighted that the City Council has elected to drive this legislative change through Seanad Éireann."

Councillor Freehill welcomed the support of Senator Bacik in helping to get this piece of legislation enacted as soon as possible.