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New HDC Tree Fruit Review Out Now

You can now get you hands on the Horticultural Development Company's (HDC) latest Tree fruit review, following the release of the 2012 edition of the ever-popular publication. Now in its third year, the annual review has recently been distributed to all tree fruit growers and provides a valuable overview of the full portfolio of research currently being funded by the HDC in this area.

Highlighting both recently-completed and ongoing research projects on apples, pears, plums and cherries, the 20-page publication also outlines the need for the research, the project status and the results so far.

The review also provides a snapshot of all new projects commissioned to start in 2012, along with details on how the HDC operates in securing new crop protection approvals for growers.

HDC Knowledge Transfer Manager Scott Raffle says, "Im always delighted with the feedback we get from growers when we produce the Tree fruit review. The fact that it provides a central reference point for all the recently-completed and newly-commissioned tree fruit research is clearly of great interest and value to the industry."

Commenting on the latest review, tree fruit grower Giles Cannon says, "As a grower within the industry I find this review publication is an incredibly useful reference guide as it collates all of the tree fruit research that the HDC is currently funding, as well as the latest results. Importantly, it offers a central point of information and highlights the full breadth and variety of work that the HDC is undertaking with my levy."

Source: HDC - New HDC Tree Fruit Review Out Now