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Last Minute Shoppers Targeted


Despite the advent of on-line shopping and apps that allow shoppers make more informed and convenient choices, there is growing evidence which suggests that shoppers continue to make last minute decisions regarding what they are going to eat.

According to Fresh Logic, an American regional grocery chain, Price Chopper, have launched Meal Central after research found that 75% of meals are still unplanned at 4pm in the afternoon. This display is highly visible in store and acts as a “Solutions Centre” that gives shoppers a new meal plan every week. The meal includes a centre-plate item, an assortment of sides and a dessert.

This indecision amongst shoppers is not unique in America. According to the latest Bord Bia PERIscope research, 51% of Irish shoppers admitted that what they have for dinner is a last minute choice. This combined with time constraints has led to 37% of Irish consumers using a “lot of ready to eat foods”. In Northern Ireland and Great Britain, these figures are even higher, at around 58% and 55% respectively.

These figures reflect high percentages of consumers that lead demanding lifestyles who react positively to some prompting. This research shows that if retailers and food manufacturers can match new products/concepts against the target audience that lead busy lifestyles, this could potentially help companies add value to their product range.

Peter Duggan, Strategic Information Services, Bord Bia-Irish Food Board

Source: Bord Bia - Last Minute Shoppers Targeted