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New Office & Positive Outlook for Dave Ryan Landscape Architects


Well great news for me and my business, I have just moved out of my home office and into my new office in town. Maybe it's a sign of small businesses to come, those of us that started in the middle of the recession.

I have moved to an office in the Georgian Quarter of Limerick, where there is quite a collection of Architects and Engineers all in the same area, so I see lots of synergies. The practical benefits of the office space in town are various and some are practical, like being close to other professionals and being a part of a larger community in the city, and others are the psychological benefits when people like to see you have a permanent business address, and a landline number, etc.

Anyway something as simple as a change of working environment for me is revitalising and I am getting a real sense of change for the better for myself and my business. I hope it lasts, but hey if not, I’ll be back with everyone else riding on the recession rollercoaster, but for the moment I’m going to enjoy this high point.

Source: Dave Ryan - Dave Ryan Landscape Architects - www.daveryan.ie