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Walking Trails Planning & Development Guide Launched

Irishtrails.ie have just launched an excellent new resource for Communities that are considering developing a walking trail. The Trail Planning Guide offers a comprehensive overview of everything groups need to know in planning, developing and maintaining a walking trail in their community.

You can download a copy of the Guide to Planning & Developing  Recreational Trails in Ireland from www.irishtrails.ie in the National Trails Publication section: http://www.irishtrails.ie/National_Trails_Office/Publications/Trail_Development/

The National Trails Office/ISC are also running a training programme beginning June 26th and covering Trail Planning and Design, Trail Management and Promotion and Trail Construction and Maintenance. The The programme is divided into a series of independent courses which will be of interest to communities planning the development of a trail and RSS staff working on trails.

Please contact Doug (DCorrie@IrishSportsCouncil.ie) if you would like further information or to book places on this or any similar Trail Training Courses.

Source: NRN - Walking Trails Planning & Development Guide Launched