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Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

Impact of the Decision To Leave the EU

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Nilfisk-Egholm Launches New range of Snow Clearance Machines in Ireland

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DESPITE signs of yet another big freeze this winter, a worrying number of companies admit to being ill-prepared for the inevitable disruption it brings. The Close Business Barometer, a quarterly survey of small and medium-sized businesses across the UK, found that while more than half (58 per cent) are worried about the effects of more arctic weather this year, one in four don’t have a business continuity plan in place to deal with unfortunate, but common, consequences such as staff absenteeism and power failures. » read more about Businesses not Prepared for Big Freeze With that article in mind it's interesting that Nilfisk Ireland have launched a range of specialist snow clearance machinery in Ireland along with a larger range of other horticulture related machinery.

The Company - David Jordan the Sales Manager for Nilfisk in Ireland gives us some background to the new range of machinery now available on the Irish market.

Egholm Maskiner A/S arose from a burning idea that the entrepreneur Kaj Egholm just had to realize. Kaj is obsessed with an urge to create inventive, functional and simple machines, tailor-made to suit the needs of the customers. All Nilfisk-Egholm products are developed and produced in the Nilfisk-Egholm workshop. Everyone is totally committed to the job in hand - from the emergence of the idea to the finishing touches.


Snow Sweeper


When using the Snow Sweeper you can remove snow falls completely and to a depth of 15 cm. It follows the terrain above kerbs and hollows and sweeps with its full working width.

Dozer Blade


With the Dozer Blade you are ready for large amounts of snow. It clears cover of snow up to 50 cm and the rubber scraping edge of the Dozer Blade is perfect for surfaces that require extra care.

Snow V-Blade


The Snow V-Blade cuts through even heavy and encrusted snow with its tip of the "V" on snow up to 50 cm thick. And when it is configured as a "Y" through the hydraulic, it is excellent for snow clearing e.g. on parking areas where the snow needs to be gathered in one place.

Snow Blower


With the Snow Blower you are ready for clearing snow up to 1 metre high. And when it is not possible to clear the snow to the side, the Snow Blower is of great help. It throws the snow across hedges and other obstacles.

Salt and Sand Spreader


The Salt and Sand Spreader is perfect when it is winter and ice on the ground and it can be combined with all the Nilfisk-Egholm snow clearing attachments. It leaves a safe road behind and it is capable of spreading the material that you prefer to use, as it can spread salt, sand and gravel.

To find out more contact David Jordan on Tel: 086 831 8203 or E-mail: info.ie@nilfisk.com

http://www.nilfisk.ie/ for Ireland or http://www.egholm.eu/ for the large range of machinery shown above.