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HortiTrends - Our Services

HortiTrends is an Irish company dedicated to the online and offline marketing of company's in the Horticulture, Landscape Fresh Produce & Lifestyle Sectors. Our services include market research, marketing, sales, sourcing, branding, web design and development to name a few.

We also create and manage Social Media for Business Campaigns that are set up to be easily managed by you simply through your email. It means that you can automatically update your website, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and blog accounts with a click of your SEND email button.

Our other specialist fields are in Digital Marketing including, online Google Adword campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO - this basically means that your website should be designed and built to be search engine and user friendly).  We will explain in plain English, show you practically and implement IT (Information Technology) so that you are in control.  Call us now to transform the way you do business online and offline by arranging a consultation today.

Email: joseph@hortitrends.com

Telephone: +353 (0) 87-9212044